Friday, January 18, 2008

Picture Pcirute Erutcip Miscellaneous Crapsimus

These are a bunch of pictures from August and September. We drove to South Carolina to pick up a vehicle, and went to Ottawa and Montreal for some shows. Miscellaneous images result.

In case any of you don't know, Best Buy has a great GPS Rental Policy.
(Keep the receipt)

Dunkin' Donuts Rejuvenates & Refreshes After 25 Hours of Driving... No seriously.

THOR gots booty.
THOR in pursuit

The big peach. Strange things happen in South Carolina.

Divine intervention.

Last minute tune ups before the inspection. (Notice Paul's legs protruding from beneath THOR the behemoth.)

Garage Band - From our brief hiatus between spaces.

Garage band part 2

Garage band part 3

The reading nook

Vankleek tower

Vankleek Music

Sidewalk parker

Olympic stadium

Gypsy caravan

Good friends let rock and roll freaks stay at their parent's when close to Ottawa.
Five star service. Ten star beer burgers.
The invincible Bowser
Mixing Things

K dub il you - ducks

rah pictures.


Monday, January 14, 2008

anvil no more

So I didn’t post at all during recording. Perhaps I am a deadbeat. Perhaps my head has been other places. Perhaps this is me making excuses. It is pretty much done. A somewhat life changing event. What will I do with myself? No longer bobbing my head to the unending rhythm of Emeri’s drum edits. No longer squeezing my eyes shut and cursing the compressors wondering… what is making it sound like that? Does it sound how I think it sounds? Am I imagining this? Where are my pants? Is this how it will sound everywhere else? No, no, no, surely not. Tomorrow we do the final tweaks. It will then be as done as it can get before I hold a pressed copy in my hands. Touching isn’t it? Sniff, sniff, honk.

We have a show coming up with a K/W group called Lucky Stabb. This show is at The Blue Moon in Petersburg, on January 26th. It will be nice to hit the stage again. Refreshed. No longer dragging our unfinished album like an anvil on a rope. Sweet release. I am looking forward to seeing Lucky Stabb. It is so nice to hook up with other indie K-dubbers. Especially to invade the surrounding smaller towns with our devil music and heavy metal posturing. BLOOD! … no.. more like.. coffee and video games?

Verbal diarrhea



At the Command of the Blanket Sky

Well we've finished the new album ("At the Command of the Blanket Sky"), and started posting a new song from it every 2 days on the internet (myspace or facebook: pick your poison).

Honestly, I thought it would be a breath of fresh air after we were done mixing... and now I'm realizing that I'll have to hold my breath for a little longer because there's still work to be done!

Artwork for the cd, promotion, blah blah blah (don't want to sound whiny).

But I can say that I am excited to start playing shows again and getting back into the groove of the live band.

We have some shows coming up in the near future, and would love to see anyone and everyone attend. (see link to preferred poison up top ^ )

This is Henry... signing off.

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