Monday, January 7, 2013

Thank You All and Goodnight

Dearest Reader,

It is with heavy hearts that we inform you: Vacuity has decided to disband.

Some things are realized rather than rationally decided. This action comes from that dark and mysterious place.

All of the support over the years has meant Incredible Piles of Amounts to all of us and in so many ways. One last time: thank you all for everything.

Perhaps we will meet again a little bit further down the path. Or perhaps not until the clearing at the end.

Whim travels in strange circles and predictions can be hazardous.

With the appropriate mixture of love and rage,

Vacuity (1996 - 2012)


Thursday, April 28, 2011

Vacuity on London Tonight

Here is the video from our appearance on London Tonight with Jeff Leeson.


Thursday, February 10, 2011

Eff Winter


8pm - midnight
$4 to get in.
$4 beers / $5 wine

You can check out the new Searching for Tom exhibit from 7pm -8pm for a discounted rate of $12/person.

Looking forward to it folks!



Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Album progress

I thought I would check in here and give a quick update.

The album is currently out of our hands. This is not to imply that we are done. Hahaha. Wouldn't that be nice?

Taylor has taken the stems back to the lab to do some tweaking. When he can finish, we will be doing some additional recording. Then it is mixing, mastering and manufacturing.

We are working on behind the scenes on organization to facilitate the album when it is completed.

If you are really hurting for a Vacuity fix, why not download our cover of 'Last Christmas' from CD Baby?

More soon.



Thursday, October 14, 2010

Emac. Day 3.

It was more difficult to get out of bed this morning. Coffee coffee coffee. A quick breakfast and we're piled back into the van. More coffee at the studio.

Warm up with a way too slow version of Tamer Than Anything and then dig into We're Golden and We Own the Moon. Wanted to recut We're Golden based on Grady's comments from day 1, "Great song boys, but is it supposed to sound so limp dicked." His words, not mine. :)

And he was right. Really happy we recut that one.

Ran through We Own the Moon a few times as well. More hunch based. I'm glad we made time for it, but I can't tell.

Break for lunch. Delicious lasagna and soup courtesy of the very cool Mary Lou. This morning she was telling me that there is a buried chinese emperor surrounded by a moat of mercury. Radical.

After lunch we made use of the grand piano. I'm a pretty light player but the trick was to be gentle. I'm used to bashing the old upright beater we have here in kw. Different beasts with different habits. Both positively useful. We then thickened and touched up some of Rob's guitars - which sound awesome - and called the session a wrap.




Emac. Day 2.

This morning started off wonderfully. We're staying with a friend and her family while we're in London recording. They have been so wonderfully hospitable toward us - we cannot possibly thank them enough. This morning Doug made us crepes. We didn't mention it to Taylor for fear of breeding crepe envy. We don't want that energy on the album. Envy of delicious breakfast foods is a terrible evil.

Upon arrival at the studio we dove into one of the trickier songs - Ghosts in the Pavement. I almost lost it for a bit. Studio performances can easily get stale. It is so unnatural. I had a minor fit, resulting in a short break. Obviously we needed fresh pots. Taylor was ever accommodating and proceeded to rearrange things so that I was able to play without wanting to smash things.

Andrew arrived shortly after Ghosts and we dug into the remaining tracks. There was a slight obsession with mallets on the drums and some very nice hi hat work. Impromptu dances and many many pots of coffee were consumed.

The rest of the day was a whirlwind. We have now recorded all 11 songs. Tomorrow will be touch ups and any BIG overdubs we need or want. Then its home to our studio to do overdubs.

Doug had a pile of puzzles ready for us when we returned to his place. You know those crazy mind game things? Untangle the impossible steel mess, navigate the ball bearing through the plastic three dimensional maze of nightmares. Great stuff, reminds me of being younger, staying with my Dad. He was all over that stuff. I was a brat, but I'm glad he kept me away from the TV now. They don't call it 'programming' for nothing.

I am about to collapse. Time to get some rest.




Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Emac Day 1

Earlier today we piled into our wonderfully decrepit van. Overloaded with musical equipment, coffee and sleepy humans we drove to London. We are recording bed tracks for our next album at Emac Studios.

In the past we have taken a mostly DIY approach when it comes to recording and mixing albums. The masterful Tod Cutler (he mixed Come On Get Real) being the one major exception to that.

For the capturing and taming of this next album we have enlisted the skills of Taylor Kernohan and Andrew Lopez. Almost a year ago, we were introduced to these two fine gentlemen. The chemistry was instantaneous. We have been working with them on the songs since.

I can remember passing out on the laundry room floor of Rob's old basement while we were working on The Middle Ground. I was working nights and we were doing early morning sessions in the 'Water Heater Room'.

Earlier today, Rob was reminiscing of sleeping in Paul's folk's garage while he was tracking vocals for At the Command of the Blanket Sky. I can also remember recording guitar for Tamer Than Anything in the same garage - middle of the suburbs, middle of the day - guitar just booming. Totally awkward, yet somehow totally awesome. Young mothers hold their newborns closer. Bichon Frise head tilts in confusion. Emeri and I would sneak in at night while Paul's parents were sleeping and record shakers and tambourines. Maybe the odd guitar feedback loop in Cm. One time Paul recorded a tree. Don't ask how. Its a trade secret. I guess the point is - we're stepping it up recording quality wise with this album.

I am excited to share these songs with people. It has been far too long in the making. And for those of you who've been sticking with us - thank you for your patience. I hope you can stick around a little longer. I know I've lost the path several times. I always find it again though. Or it finds me.

Nervous to fuck these songs up. Excited to get them just right.



Thursday, September 30, 2010

Steel Rails Sessions

This past weekend we were invited to be part of a moving art exhibit orchestrated by Hilary from RQ Magazine.

There were a whole ton of great installations that were happening on a train running from Waterloo to St. Jacobs featuring: CAFKA, KWAG, Aaron Bartley, MFX Partners, Uptown 21, Deadbeatblast and KW Symphony.

We played music for the passengers when they arrived at the rail depot.

Later the train was attacked by zombies.

Ramy Nassar from Bright Lights Photography took these photographs. You can check out the full gallery here: Bright Lights Photography.

What a blast!




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