Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Album progress

I thought I would check in here and give a quick update.

The album is currently out of our hands. This is not to imply that we are done. Hahaha. Wouldn't that be nice?

Taylor has taken the stems back to the lab to do some tweaking. When he can finish, we will be doing some additional recording. Then it is mixing, mastering and manufacturing.

We are working on behind the scenes on organization to facilitate the album when it is completed.

If you are really hurting for a Vacuity fix, why not download our cover of 'Last Christmas' from CD Baby?

More soon.




Jason said...

Thanks for the update. I was getting worried that something went wrong. I am pumped to hear some new material.

vacuity said...

Sorry it has been taking so long Jason. I would be lying if I said I wasn't worried something went wrong at certain points too.

We are committed though! We will deliver.


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