Thursday, October 14, 2010

Emac. Day 3.

It was more difficult to get out of bed this morning. Coffee coffee coffee. A quick breakfast and we're piled back into the van. More coffee at the studio.

Warm up with a way too slow version of Tamer Than Anything and then dig into We're Golden and We Own the Moon. Wanted to recut We're Golden based on Grady's comments from day 1, "Great song boys, but is it supposed to sound so limp dicked." His words, not mine. :)

And he was right. Really happy we recut that one.

Ran through We Own the Moon a few times as well. More hunch based. I'm glad we made time for it, but I can't tell.

Break for lunch. Delicious lasagna and soup courtesy of the very cool Mary Lou. This morning she was telling me that there is a buried chinese emperor surrounded by a moat of mercury. Radical.

After lunch we made use of the grand piano. I'm a pretty light player but the trick was to be gentle. I'm used to bashing the old upright beater we have here in kw. Different beasts with different habits. Both positively useful. We then thickened and touched up some of Rob's guitars - which sound awesome - and called the session a wrap.




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Matias Schweigert said...

Can't wait to hear the finished product!!!

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